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NFP is a leading insurance broker and consultant providing specialised property and casualty, corporate benefits, retirement and individual solutions. We support you through the expertise of our professionals across the globe, investments in innovative technologies, and enduring relationships with highly rated insurers, vendors and financial institutions.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of having a global presence, so our experts are dedicated to helping you make strategic benefits decisions in all your global locations. Acting as a central contact for enquiries, we’ll support you in critical business areas such as benchmarking and plan management for all plans in all countries.

We’ll keep you informed of any changes in local regulations that may affect the benefits provided in each country, and provide ongoing benchmarking so you can monitor your competitiveness within your industry.


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Services Offered

Global Benefits Management: Co-ordinate delivery, potentially removing layers of third-party suppliers. Identify cost efficiencies. Provide a single global view of status and effectiveness. Build consistency of service delivery. Harmonise your global reporting.

New Country Start-Ups: Design a strategy for your new country. Manage complexities around setting up benefits in new countries. Provide big picture expertise alongside local, in-country market knowledge.

Auditing and Benchmarking: Analyse competitiveness within your industry. Offer competitive global solutions. Create a long term strategy to attract talent.

Global Insurance Network: Access features and pricing normally reserved for larger organisations. Help you compete for talent with the larger competitors.

Global Business Culture: Improve cross-border effectiveness and efficiencies. Train executives to manage a global, multicultural workforce. Adapt your company culture to the international landscape.

US Benefits: Attract and retain talent. Ensure compliance. Manage benefits administration. Develop strategy and organisational rollout. Ongoing analysis and enhancement of benefits strategy.

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS ________________________________________________________
• Health care plans
• Health & wellness programs
• Ancillary benefits
• Technology/benefits management
• International benefits
• Group, medical, dental and vision
• Voluntary benefits
• Long-term care
• Limited medical
• Consumer-driven health plans (HSAs and HRAs)
• Flexible spending accounts
• COBRA administration
• Rx Solutions
• Stop-loss insurance
• Employee assistance programs
• Benefits compliance
• Third-party administration
• Health advocacy services
• Employee communications
• Professional employer organization services

RETIREMENT PLANS – QUALIFIED ________________________________________________
• Plan governance
• Plan design
• Provider benchmarking
• Investment advice
• Target-date fund consulting
• Fiduciary compliance
• Participant outcomes
• Individual financial consulting
Types of Plans:
• 401(k)
• 403(b)
• 457 governmental plans
• Defined benefit plans
• Cash balance plans
• Profit sharing plans
• Simplified employee pension plans, SIMPLE, Solo(k)

EXECUTIVE BENEFITS PLANS ____________________________________________________
• Plan design and consulting
• Plan administration and recordkeeping
• 409A nonqualified deferred compensation
• Supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs)
• 457(b) non-governmental plans
• 457(f) plans
• Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI)
• Bank-owned life insurance (BOLI)
• Insurance company-owned life insurance (iCOLI)
• Global/multi-currency executive plans
• Carried interest plans
• Executive bonus plans
• Executive group term carveout plans
• Split-dollar life insurance plans
• Disability income protection solutions
• Compensation consulting services

HR CONSULTING _____________________________________________________________
• Benefits administration
• HR services
• HR outsourcing
• HR audits
• Legal compliance
• Employment process
• Employee handbook
• Wage and hour
• Compensation
• Performance management
• Employee relations
• Payroll, benefits and HR administration systems


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Phone: + 1 (212) 301-4001


Main Contact

Gregory Tanenbaum
Corporate Benefits
Tel: +1 (212) 433 1141

Other contact:

Robert Tedesco
Corporate Benefits
Tel: +1 (212) 433 1150