Employee Benefits Consultancy Network

Employee Benefits Consultancy Network

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International Benefits Network (IBN) provides member firms and their clients with access to international employee benefits consultancy expertise. IBN is a network of independent employee benefits consultants in over 70 countries around the world. We promote global standards in employee benefits consulting.

International Employee Benefits Consultants

IBN has a primary base in the UK, but manages partnering employee benefit consultants all around the world. We select the best employee benefit consultants to provide employee benefit services for any particular market. Our employee benefits consultants around the world offer a full range of employee benefit services as relevant in their country.

Our network of employee benefits consultants are all specialists in the key areas of international employee benefits such as:

  • Retirement Plans
  • Insurance
  • Actuarial Consulting
  • Medical Plans
  • Financial Planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International Transfers

Deliver Better Employee Benefit Solutions

IBN aim to help put member firms and their client’s in control of their worldwide employee benefit programs and allow them to deliver employee benefit solutions that are effective at the regional, national and multinational levels. Our employee benefits consultants can help multinational companies reduce their cost of providing pension, life, disability, or medical insurance to their employees.

Quality Employee Benefit Consultants

IBN’s aim is to provide member firms and their client’s a high-class employee benefits consulting pool of services. The number of quality employee benefits consultants we have in our international employee benefit network shows that IBN is truly is a global employee benefits solutions provider.

Contact IBN

To find out more about IBN and/or our employee benefits consultancy network then please call +44 (0) 20 8203 5770 or email us via our contact form – International Benefits Network

For information on benefits terminology: IBN Benefits Glossary